For all those who think marriage is all about living together happily ever after, please WAKE UP! The reality is, marriage is not a cake walk and you require constant efforts to make sure you and your partner share a strong bond in the relationship. At a time when there are more number of divorce cases and rising compatibility issues among the couples, these five secrets will help you have a long lasting and satisfying married life:

1) Communicate openly to resolve issues:
The key to a successful marriage is to make sure that two people talk openly about issues, problems and even their true feelings in a marriage. All issues can be resolved if husband and wife just take out little time from their busy schedules daily and sit and talk about things that matter. If there is anything you both can’t agree on, try to look out for points to negotiate so that there is no room for fights.

2) Respect each other and learn to forgive:
When things are not going smooth in a marriage, couples often make the biggest mistake of communicating less and start looking for ways to insult or blame the other one. Never do that! Problems can never be solved by insulting your partner, but by respecting them, you can win their support during the bad times of life. In case, the current rough patch in your life is due to partner’s mistake, then learn to forgive them if they are guilty of what they have done. If your partner is not realising their mistake, then inspite of shouting and fighting, ask any family member or close friend to help you in the situation and make your spouse realise where they went wrong. Bur remember, the whole scene should not look as if you are making fun of them infront of others or going around telling people how bad your partner is.

3) Never let money matters spoil the peace in your marriage:
The biggest cause of conflict in a happy marriage is “money”. Don’t let monetary issues come in between you and your wife. The best way to manage finances is to sit with your partner in peace and write down areas where you need to invest and how much. What things you need to buy first and what expenses can be postponed. Make a list of important items and manage your salary in a way that apart from taking care of necessary issues, if possible, you are able to take out some money for enjoying your life or may be to take a small trip or that expensive dress that you wife just saw at a store last week. Managing money intelligently will keep your marriage safe. Maintain transparency with your spouse and do tell them incase you go out of the plan and decide to spend or invest your money somewhere else.

4) Keep a check on your jealousy:
Freedom and trust are two important things for a successful marriage. Don’t cage your partner. Define boundaries and limits that you wish your partner to stick to and then set them free. Trust is equally important in a relationship. If you can’t trust your partner, then it is very difficult to stay in a marriage like that. In case you think things are not going in the right direction, then inspite of assuming things, just go and talk to them openly to understand the real picture. Jealousy can kill any relationship, therefore keep a check on it and don’t let it end your beautiful married life.