While we become busier, it is important that distances don’t eat into your bond.

Here are 5 ways to remain so in love no matter how far or near you are to your spouse.

More time exclusively for each other
While technology has been a boon, unmonitored usage could convert it into a bane. More so, when you are with your spouse, make sure you do not let those Facebook pings or Skype alerts creep in. You need to find a space that has no presence for anything about the two of you. Cut the TV out and flick the stereo off. There is nothing better than tuned in talking with your partner.

Recall the moments you spent together over the years
Nostalgia is akin to a healer. No matter how bad a phase you are in or how difficult it is to stay away while he is on a business trip, you need to figure out some time wherein you browse through older pictures of the two of you together. Talk about how you met and chirp on hilarious moments. This will help you loosen up and also give you ample reason to fall in love, all over again.

Video calls and selfies are wow
Unless technology becomes intrusive, it is a fabulous offering. Even if either of you is away on work reasons, connect over Skype. Make sure you do not discuss work. Try and talk love while sharing the funny and tough details of your day. Send him or her selfies around the day. These small things could make you come closer to each other while keeping you connected always.

Plan special surprises
Sneak in a love card with partner’s favourite chocolate under the pillow. Once they wake up in the morning, they’d would be delighted. Begin the day with such surprises and be playful enough to pour in sms at work. More so, surprise your spouse with small gifts that come with a message. These things are not expensive or elaborate but could help you talk more and express what you truly feel. These will also help you express that both of you are only complete with the other.

While your schedules may be stressful, find the best ways to cut stress out of your relationship. It is not mandatory that you are out on long drives or romantic dinners. It is important to value him or her and spend quality time without boundaries.