Career and a husband’s expectations can sometimes be overwhelming. Lean to cope with it.
Unless a wife learns to cope up with all the things that everyday throws up, she is likely to end up quite frustrated and depressed. Here are some useful pointers that will help you balance your various responsibilities at home and outside.

Get organised
When you are a working woman, you are always hard-pressed for time. And if you are unorganised, searching for things can eat up your time. Keep your documents neatly filed under relevant categories. Maintain a place for each thing, so you don’t have to go hunting for it. Write down a date diary of schedules to pay bills, get health check-ups done and so on.

Plan ahead
Plan every working day the previous night …. what you are going to cook the next day, clothes to wear. Make a list of other things you need to check, say for instance whether children’s uniforms are ironed and shoes cleaned, whether you need to buy grocery and so on.

Don’t try to be superwoman
Do the best you can but don’t blame yourself if everything does not turn out perfect. Sometimes when you have a stressful day at work, a few household chores may go undone or you may be unable to prepare the special dinner you wanted to make. Don’t let these things stress you. Get support for some of your household chores. Involve your kids in domestic chores based on their age. A 5 year old can lay the plates on the tables while a 15 year old could make a salad.

“Us” time
Carve out some special “us” time with your husband. Make this as pleasant and romantic as possible. Go beyond sharing just the mundane details of the day compliment him on his looks, qualities or something that he has done for you. Surprise him now and then with little things – cooking his favourite dish, gifts etc.

Cultivate healthy habits
Exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy enough to cope up with the daily demands of your home and family. Eat nourishing food that provides you with nutrients to keep you healthy. Spend some time by yourself everyday, even if it’s just 10 minutes, being by yourself can help you clear your mind and feel fresher.

Acknowledge negative feelings
During the course of daily life, there are moments when you are bound to find yourself angry or frustrated. You need to get this negativity out of your system but do not let it out on your family. Instead take deep breaths, go for a walk in fresh air or perform some physical activity to calm yourself down.

Reward yourself everyday
Make yourself feel happy everyday, go in for one self-indulgent activity a day. It could be as simple as biting into a bar of your favourite chocolate, going for a walk or wearing a dress you love. Be happy to just be you!