In this ongoing Valentine week, today happens to be ‘Promise Day’, a perfect day to seal your relationship with everlasting promises. Whether you’ve been dating each other for quite some time or your bond is still in the initial stage, these 5 promises will surely make your connection stronger.

1) I promise to be at your side in every phase of life:
Best promise you can make to your partner is to assure them that no matter what happens in life, you’ll always be with them, to take care of them and help them sail out of the worst phases of life.

2) I promise to love you till my last breath:
Commitment is the key to a successful relationship. And if you want your relationship to grow stronger with each passing day then promise your partner that you will always love them and will be committed to them till your last breadth.

3) I promise to be honest in the relationship:
Trust and honesty are the two most important pillars in a relationship. Every girl wants her boyfriend/husband to be honest with her. No matter what happens in life, the road to a strong relationship is through the path of honesty. Promise your partner that you’ll never cheat them and will always stay sincere and truthful.

4) I promise to respect & support you and your dreams:
Respecting each other is extremely important for a happy relationship. Tell your partner that you’ll always respect them and their dreams. Abusing each other will only lead you towards an unhappy relationship.

5) I promise that you’ll be my ‘Best Friend Forever’:
Friendship is the first step to falling in love. Often when in a relationship equation between most of the couples change and they forget how they once use to be each other’s ‘best friends’ and start to hide things or fight. If you assure each other that ‘friendship’ will never fade away between you two, then you will definitely have a beautiful relationship.

Don’t just make these promises for the sake of it, make sure to live up to them as well.