It’s time for you set your feet into the house of your in-laws but are you worried at the same time thinking how you are going to cope up with your husband and his hard core non-vegetarian family members? Well, worry not as we will take you through the whole process of wisely dealing with the two different eating habits.

Be respectful:
You must have had a blissful meal time with your own parents back at home but with your in-laws, you need to make yourself flexible and be respectful to their eating habits. Do not make weird faces when you see them savoring on a chicken leg piece. Since, choosing to be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian is absolutely one’s personal choice; it’s always wise to respect what one prefers to eat. Make sure you don’t end up creating a mess in the family owing to the eating habits.

Don’t Disapprove to Their Being a Non-Vegetarian:

Do not disapprove your husband and his family members on their preference of eating non-vegetarian. Avoid sermonizing them on what they should choose as their diet and do not force them to give up their fondness just because you are a vegetarian.

Don’t be fussy”
Now that you are married into a family wherein all the members are non-vegetarian to the core, you cannot be making a fuss on this subject. You have to adjust yourself to that environment and bear with their eating habits. Once, your in-laws get a wind of you making a fuss or throwing tantrums on this matter, you are sure to invite miseries at least at the dining table. So, be prudent not fussy.

Store Your Food Separate:
Now, that you know that it’s all about adjustment wherein you have to put up with a non-vegetarian husband and in-laws, one wise practice is to store your food separate. Since, you are a vegetarian; you might not even prefer touching any non-vegetarian item hence, this idea should work out for you as this would keep your food at bay from coming in contact with the horrid chicken or mutton steaks. This however, in no way means that you should not even share your food with them.

Be cooperative:
Dinner time is perhaps fun time as this is when you assemble with your family members after a whole day’s tedious work. Hence, you would definitely not want to keep yourself aloof from enjoying this moment of pleasure. So, what do you think is important to avail this jiffy with your loved ones? Well, it’s nothing other than being cooperative and you are sure to have a pleasant dinner with them.

These liberal gestures are certainly going to make your in-laws; husband as well as you have a good time with each other and make the meals more happening.